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GO TO THE BEDS - Majicami tie up and new visual revealed-

Atualizado: 15 de Dez de 2020

Today at the Majicami niconama special it was revealed that GO TO THE BEDS will be doing their next opening and ending themes, as well insert songs which are the following:

New ending song: SECRET MESSAGE (lyrics by Yamamachi Miki) New theme song: Majikami (lyrics by JxSxK)

New insert song: LUCKY LUCKY MY LIFE (lyrics by Yamamachi Miki) New insert song: WARNING!!!!!! (lyrics by Matsukuma Kenta and Yui Ga Dockson)

The EP title, cover and tracklist were also revealed as well as posters and badges from each store. The MV for Magicami will be released on January 1st 0:00.

Reincarnation tracklist:

  1. Magicami (Opening theme for game Magicami)

  2. Akachan

  3. If I die

  4. Genjou machigainaku GO TO THE BEDS

  5. SECRET MESSAGE (Ending for game Magicami)

  6. Rebirth

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