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GP before G and P: lineups and releases

This is somewhat an article to write about the lineup history of GP before G and P were created in the most simple way possible.

From a recent past, GO TO THE BEDS and PARADISES were created about one year ago at the end of the annual WACK audition camp when it was announced that GANG PARADE would be split into two groups.

How did it get to this point? Why it wasn’t exactly a surprise that they suffered yet another change?

GANG PARADE is actually the third time's the charm chance of what started as Planime. Back when original BiS disbanded and each member announced what their next step was going to be, Kamiya Saki was still not sure about her future. It was when Watanabe Junnosuke decided to create his own agency and Saki became WACK’s very first idol.

The duo created with Izuta Mari was called Planime and is, as everyone knows, a reference to something they both loved: Anime and cosplay. Even their outfits were inspired by it with the use of primary colors and shapes, however, planime actually comes from the word planimeter, the measuring instrument used to determine the area of an arbitrary two-dimensional shape. The name was also meant to convey the unity of Mari from Osaka and Saki from Tokyo, funny enough the difficulty of managing the distance was the reason given by Mari for leaving planime sometime later. The duo debuted on TIF and released a few singles before Mari decided to leave and new auditions were held for a complete rebrand.

This lineup released: Plastic 2 mercy, Unit

The group that now renamed POP, standing for Period of Plastic 2 mercy. Enter the scene: Yamamachi Miki, Yumeno Yua, Shigusawa Ao and Inukawa Maaya. This time POP debuted with a full album, released a few singles and then announced a second name change. The main reason was because the name POP, given by fellow WACK member Aina the End, was pretty much unsearchable. The new group name was decided by the members themselves from ideas that included CANDY PLACE and BLACK THUNDER. Thankfully they became GANG PARADE, as several ideas included GANG something or something PARADE.

And with a new brand and bright future they released WE ARE the IDOL and when everything seemed right… Ao announced she was leaving due family reasons. Not long after Maaya also announced her withdrawal and the group was now a trio on the verge of a breakdown.

This lineup released: P.O.P, Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky, QUEEN OF POP, WE ARE the IDOL

A new audition was made and that was when the savior herself, Can Maika, joined.

This lineup released: Barely Last

Everything started to look good for a whole week when there was a sudden announcement: Coco Partin Coco, Terashima Yuuka and Yui Ga Dockson, eliminated candidates of BiS audition and part of group SiS for one day, would be joining as new members of GANG PARADE.

This lineup released: Plastic 2 mercy, FOUL

Now there were 7, and 7 technically they remained as 7 for about one and a half years…except there was a member trade somewhere along the way. After the first WACK audition camp it was announced that Kamiya Saki would trade places with BiS member Aya Eightprince for an undefined period.

This lineup released: Beyond the Mountain, GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!!, BREAKING THE ROAD

This period lasted for almost one year and with all the rollercoasters of attachment and goodbyes Saki was back and this time everything would definitely be alright. For a few months until the second audition camp happened and two new members joined: Tsukino Usagi and Haruna Bad Chiiiin. The somewhat stable 7 soul became 9 and everyone was more than welcoming. The long awaited major debut finally came, their journey so far was paying off.


Then the third audition camp happened and then the max number, they became 10 with the addition of Naruha World, promoted from WAgg.


Major first single, major first album, hall lives and going places. Until Kamiya Saki announced her withdrawal and not much long after Haruna Bad Chiiiin simply left. So we arrive at the fatidic split, announced at the end of the fourth audition camp: GANG PARADE would become GO TO THE BEDS with members Yamamachi Miki, Yumeno Yua, Can GP Maika, Coco Partin Coco and Yui Ga Dockson, and PARADISES with members Terashima Yuuka, Tsukino Usagi, Naruha World and recently promoted WAgg Kila May.

Advance a few months and WAgg Uta Uuta got promoted to PARADISES, and finally a few more months to today and at the fifth audition both G and P got new members, Moshimoshichan previously from WACKchin joining GO TO THE BEDS and former Stardust idol Cola going to PARADISES. Their debuts are yet to happen and it’s likely they’ll have new names but what we know for sure is that G/P family keeps growing and whether we are sleepers or coconuts today, we’re still having fun at what will forever be everyone’s playground.

For more detailed history check out pretty pretty gang's about section!

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