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PARADISES's Wonderful Future!

Official site for the audition: https://paradises.jp/event

PARADISES's wonderful future has been happening since the end of October. This audition is for WAgg members to earn a chance to be promoted to PARADISES. The audition consists in several parts and the results should be announced by the end of the year.

The first step was for WAggs to participate in the recording of the audition theme song PLEASE LISTEN TO MY, as well take part in the artist photo shooting and MV! In addition, they also started update the group's Instagram and TikTok accounts.

All this serves as a base for a star system that will get them closer to the promotion. The stars are:

  1. Performance Star (green) - given to the member that exceeds in singing and dancing.

  2. Star quality Star (pink) - given to the member with best niconama and SNS performance.

  3. Lovable Star (blue) - given to the member voted 1st by the staff.

  4. WACK Star (yellow) - given to the member with most WACK quality.

Other activities included solo interview with WACK president Watanabe Junnosuke, niconama WAgg live and rehearsals streamed on niconama for a week. These rehearsals culminate on a showcase to be held at Kamakura art hall on 11/14.

The showcase will consist of each WAgg member performing with PARADISES a set of 3 songs [YEAH!!] [GOOD NIGH] [PLEASE LISTEN TO MY]. For PLEASE LISTEN TO MY the WAgg members had to come up with their own original choreography.

The showcase will be streamed on niconama here: https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv328886870

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