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PARADISES wonderful future -preliminary results-

Yesterday PARADISES and WAgg performed a two man live at Nagoya Public Hall.

The team battle was the last part of the first stage of the ongoing audition.

After the live stars were given in different categories, but this time the 1st place could choose which star they wanted to receive and 5th place could choose which star to return.

As a result Love, Sayaito and A.Anzupia moved into the final stage of the audition.

The next niconama is scheduled to 12/19, as a look back to everything that happened so far, as well as results of the most recent missions: selling the physical copies of Please listen to my in Tower Records. With this mission Utauuta and Ainastar still have a chance to move to the final stage.

The final live with results announcement will happen on 12/26 at Sanrio Puroland.

You can check the stars count on the audition page: https://paradises.jp/event

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