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What the 5 who carry the “old” on GANPARE split aim for? The newcomer of WACK, GO TO THE BEDS tell us

By STORYWRITER – released 31/3/2020 – updated on 31/3/2020

2 newcomer groups from WACK, the office of BiSH and Mameshiba no Taigun, will debut at the simultaneously on April 1st 2020. The names are GO TO THE BEDS and PARADISES. Even so, the creation of these groups are unique, they are the result of the split of GANG PARADE, that also belonged to the same office. The members were divided by career order, on their outfits the ideograms “Old” and “New” etc. make them unique groups.

GO TO THE BEDS is formed by the 5 members with longest careers in GANPARE, Yamamachi Miki, Yumeno Yua, Can GP Maika, Coco Partin Coco and Yui Ga Dockson. Regardless of being an idol group, on their outfits the ideogram “Old”, where the girls who started as a skilled group are going? We talked with the 5 of them right after the WACK training camp audition.

Data and text: Nishizawa Hiroo

Photos: Sotobayashi Kenta

Isn't there something like old woman's tenacity?

- The GANPARE split was announced on WACK's training camp audition. Right after there was a policy speech on Niconama as GO TO THE BEDS, how as the repercussion?

Coco Partin Coco (under, Coco): Because we really tried to do the niconama brightly and with 0 sadness, I saw people saying “I felt like this is good somehow”. There are pros and cons but, if we did it too seriously, I think it would've been completely different.

Yumeno Yua (under, Yua): As the first step we had outfits, profile pictures and MV properly arranged so I think that was a big thing. When 2nd generation BiS had the league announced, I believe it happened without members knowing about it, so from the perspective of fans who experienced that, I think they could understand that this time is not so urgent.

Yamamachi Miki (under, Miki): I think if it had ended with just Watanabe-san's announcement, the fans would feel nothing but anxiety but, it was a huge thing we could tell them with our own words. We can't do lives right now and meet fans directly so the niconama was a really appreciated time.

- The promotion of Kira May to GANPARE was announced. Right after that the split in GO TO THE BEDS and PARADISES was revealed but, to everyone did you feel Kira May became a fellow member? Or did it feel like she was going to another group?

Can GP Maika (under, Maika): In my head I was like “She joined PARADISES!”, I just arbitrarily transferred to that but, there was also the feeling “Ah good” right after the announcement to GANPARE. But, perhaps it was a little different than usual.

Yua: On the stage it felt like PARADISES was a 4 people group.

Coco: From now on, depending on if we'll do lives completely separated as G and P, or if we'll perform as GANPARE, I think the way we spend time with May-chan until May will change.

Yua: We also have rehearsals as GANPARE but, lately we also have practice as G and P, doing different choreographies. It's like the feeling towards GANPARE changed a little compared to before.

Maika: Weirdly there's a difference.

- Is there a weird feeling regarding GANPARE?

Yua: When we were at a stage the songs weren't ready, I didn't think that much about G but, the ratio I think about G is increasing steadily. At the niconama yesterday was the same but, even though if it was on the past I wouldn't think about anything but GANPARE, I saw myself thinking only about G and P, everyday the amount of time I spend in G is increasing. I still have to think about GANPARE for a while, so it's not good to become just G, but it's also bad if it's just GANPARE. Because there are GANPARE lives until 5/23, I personally think that members are wondering what to do so the thoughts won't be focused on just one.

Yui Ga Dockson (under, Dockson): Because I was isolated from the world during the audition, my perspective might be a little different.

Yui Ga Dockson

Miki: You didn't know about Olympics postponing right? (laughs).

Dockson: Yes, I didn't know anything. During the period of the audition, when I heard the thoughts and ideas of members who stayed at Tokyo and kept doing preparations I would think “Oh, that's right!”. It was refreshing. When May-chan was promoted I thought “Congratulations! Let's work hard!”. After that we were separated in 2 lines, G and P, and then I thought “Ah, that's right...”.

- Didn't you think a new member would join GO TO THE BEDS?

Yua: At first I watched it thinking there was a chance but, as the last day was approaching, the girls left ware too young (laughs). I estimated there probably wouldn't be anyone joining.

- It would be awkward having “Old” on your outfit right after joining.

Miki: Even though they are supposed to be fresh (laughs).

Dockson: During the niconama policy speech, even though we announced the fans name would be [SLEEPER], people were saying things like [Helper] or [Nurse] (laughs).

- You're not that much older, right? (laughs).

Maika: But, it's fine they were having fun (laughs).

Yua: I think when we are bullied like that we are like flowers (laughs).

- What is the meaning of the name GO TO THE BEDS?

Yua: We didn't hear a detailed explanation but, if you translate it there's a meaning close to “go quickly to the grave”. Dockson: It's like they put together the faces they want to go to the graves soon (laughs).

Yua: It's kinda a satire like you're getting old so just die already (laughs).

Coco: Originally, it was supposed to be GRAVES in english but……..

Maika: As expected that would be too pitiful.

Coco: GO TO THE BEDS, had a meaning close to go to sleep already. When the G and P colors became different, by going to sleep early it brought out the elderly feeling.

- How do you feel about clearly having “Old” written?

Dockson: That is the truth. It can't be helped.

Coco: When I do ego search the fans are really questioning it. They say they thought Dogenzaka Mongoose (Coco, Dockson, Yuyu unit) all had about the same age.

Coco Partin Coco

Maika: Thinking about it simply, Yua, Miki, Maika, Doku, Coco are the order we joined. Feel like WACK's experience history, you can think Yuyu just happened to be a little under.

Miki: Too desperate (laughs). When it comes to this topic, the voice power is strong (laughs). Yua: I already accepted it, I think we'll make it something interesting but, because I'm a girl it's a little unpleasant to be called [Old].

Maika: But, even if we bare the “Old”, if we are pretty and cool, that would conversely become even cooler, right?

Dockson: I think that's a strenght. Isn't there something like old woman's tenacity? There absolutely is. I think that's probably really strong. Like how wine tastes better when you put it to sleep. The jacket photo too, it depicts that. Each member colors are contrasting, it's funny. The G trees are withering, we look like entering a grave, it also overlaps with myself.

- Overlaps?

Dockson: It does! Because, if I had to say which type of human I am, I'm definitely the withering tree type of person. Like surviving by eating tree branches.

Manager Tsujiyama: Dockson, you became able to say nice things (laughs).

Dockson: Because there's an uncomfortable feeling about me being illuminated by the sunlight. It feels weird, doesn't it.

Coco: I'm the one that suits the sun the most, so I might try to become the sun that'll shine upon G.

Miki: A sun that shines I single beam of light on G (laughs).

We'll start activities as youngest group within WACK.

- We also see opinions that the atmosphere is close to BiS 2nd disbandment. Miki-chan participated on last years audition, you saw the BiS mood from up close but, how do you feel about GANPARE needing some supporting?

Miki: 1 year since then. We also had a lot of parts we continued to worry about. The group GANG PARADE looked like it was doing well but, in fact it was a continued period of things not going the way we wanted. Because we weren't able to do anything about it, we heard this talk from Watanabe-san around the end of the year.

- Wasn't there any opposition from members about GANPARE splitting into 2 groups?

Miki: There weren't any oppositions. When Watanabe-san said to us “What do you think?”, Doku said “It can't be helped and it's sad but I want to give my best”. It was around the same time we heard about Saki-chan's withdrawal but, hearing Doku's words, I really thought I had to give my best too. It was a way to do something to give support to GANPARE, this time it just happened to be a split.

Yamamachi Miki

Coco: During the history of GANPARE, me and Doku joined as former SiS, we passed Saki-chan's rental trade period, we actual felt during these 3 years that we could accomplish things as long as we worked hard, I think ever since the audition Yua and Yuyu participated in this was something that turned into confidence. Once we became 10 members we couldn't achieve the results as we wanted to but, this too was a good experience I want to make use of from now on, I believe everyone really felt we just had to give our best after spliting.

Dockson: It was shocking but, I comprehended the reason for the split, and thought I had to work hard since we're receiving a chance follow the road to restart. In this sense I feel positive, with a feeling that I just have to do it.

Maika: Around the beginning of the year we all went out to eat with Watanabe-san. That time he said to us “I never gave up, and I don't feel like giving up from now on either”. Obviously it'll be a lie if I say that I stopped being anxious but, now, there's nothing but determination.

Yua: GANPARE itself lost it's vigor, within WACK new juniors kept coming. It really felt like fans like new things. Because GANPARE history became quite long, how should we continue with activities, where's the motivation to keep going, it was a year I really wondered about those things. Honestly, I think no one could see anything ahead after GANPARE's Nakano Sunplaza. We had a lot of goals we kept putting into words but, there was no reality to them. In this sense there wasn't enough thrilling. This is something we should reflect on ourselves but, by splitting, it would be nice if we could have even more fun.

- Is it ok to think it's a completely new group?

Miki: It's like a new group was formed. We'll start activities as WACK's youngest group.

Dockson: Feeling wise it's a new group. But, because there's obvioulsy GANPARE history, I plan to keep that inside ourselves.

- Even so, starting a new group with companions you walked with until now as GANPARE, I just wonder if emotionally wise you can feel that.

Dockson: This would be like a part time job leader who is in highs chool, and an old man as a newcomer.

Coco: In a previous job you were really really good at kitchen and was at the top but, crying and crying it comes that you have to change jobs, then you must challenge yourself to start from 1. Going to a new workplace, you start from 1 as the junior yourself.

Miki: Why is everyone giving part time job examples? (laughs).

- Ahaha. It's not like GANPARE is disbanding, right?

Yua: Depending on how you look at it one could think it's disbanding, because we won't present anything on that regard, it's like we leave at your own imagination.

Coco: 'Cause we really don't know about that ourselves.

Yua: Now is like we mustn't rely on GANPARE. Personally I have the feeling I want to perform as GANPARE again but, it's fine if the 9 of us don't think the same, if we can successfully gather again, this would be the best format possible. It's like ones own willpower to work hard. We just have to make sure it doesn't stay just like that.

- How is the relation with PARADISES? I'm curious if it'll become like BiS and SiS rivalry.


Coco: It's not like we'll treat each other as official rivals but, for now we're just starting from the same point.

Miki: I can't skillfully say it because our activities haven't really started yet but, it's not necessary to fight uselessly. I think there are aspects the audience haven't seen yet. I think I'm able to see the 3 from PARADISES with a perspective of an outsider, I think it's huge that I could understand things about this or that girl. Probably when time passes we might fight naturally, or we might have a relation of giving each other advice as in what we could do. At the present stage our relation is of lifting each other up.

Dockson: It's now like we're comrades, so there's nothing like “Let's give our best together!”. But even so it's also wrong to say “Enemy!” like we're 100% rivals. It's a difficult feeling. But, I do have the feeling that I don't want to lose. I want to win.

- It kinda feels like there's a bigger expectation regarding PARADISES. Direction wise the name is brighter, how about that?

Yua: Currently is not like the staff mood is being favorable to them but, it's kinda different.

Miki: There are more expectations on that side.

Yua: I think in part it's because they are young, perhaps is easier to see the change in them. If compared to the old kids.

Coco: That's scary everyone (laughs).

Yua: I really don't want to lose. As if I have stronger feelings than everyone.

Maika: Not restricted to PARADISES, GO TO THE BEDS will become a new WACK group, we'll be a newcomer in WACK. So I don't want to lose anywhere.

Yua: I believe GANPARE established itself as number two in WACK right after BiSH. We couldn't catch up with BiSH but, now we're at the bottom so, there are a lot of groups we can surpass. There's EMPiRE, CARRY LOOSE and also BiS. That's why, in that sense, I'm quite fired up.

The times our personalities show simply doubled.

- The split album [G/P] will be released on 4/1, there are 3 songs by GO TO THE BED. The lead song has lyrics by Watanabe-san and Matsukuma Kenta-san, right? How about the other 2?

Miki: The other 2 songs were written by people on SCRAMBLES. [MANDAY] is by Nagai Youko-san, [ANSWER] is by SHiLL-san. Maika: It's the first time for Nagai-san.

Coco: She's a student at SCRAMBLES, rumor has it she's a gal.

Miki: Age wise she belongs to P team (laughs).

- (laughs). P team has lyrics written by Yuyu-san and Naruha-san. Is there any reason for no one of G team writing?

Dockson: It's simply the difference in execution. I'm reflecting on it a little…...

Yua: It's frustrating!

Dockson: Everyone is frustrated.

Yua: But they wrote us really good lyrics. I'm frustrated but, I think these are way cooler.

Dockson: I never met Nagai-san, I don't know what type of person she is but, I could really feel empathy when I read her lyrics. I was surprised because a lot of parts were like my feelings were put into words. The chorus part [I want to be an irreplaceable existence], or [I'm sorry I left you alone] or [I'll laugh with you]. I thought it's exactly like that. Because I also feel that way I was surprised.

- By having less number of members, isn't the recording different?

Yua: By becoming 5 the extension of line division, the amount we sing increases physically. Because the girls with interesting voices were gathered at G, I really thought about what I should do to show my personality. I thought more about which part I wanted to sing, I personally faced the recording that way.

Yumeno Yua

Coco: With 10 people we record part by part but, we each sing everyone once. Not just the line distribution, the times our personality shows just simply doubled so, the parts we didn't show before, things the fans haven't seen before, even if we don't like they'll come off so, this is really exciting. The line distribution or the amount of time each of us have during interviews are completely different, so I think that's interesting. Yesterday at the policy speech there are probably people who have never seen Yuyu talk that much. This is something I want people to enjoy. For the audience that is.

- How was the recording for Miki-san?

Miki: I have a voice that's easy to recognize but, when there were 10 of us I felt I really had to be showy. When we became 5, if I do just that it'll be annoying so, I recorded having in mind a lot of things I had to be aware of. At first I showed my habit really strongly but, when the sound was fixed, it didn't sound like I do usually. The parts that would before be like that were not, I think that's a point that'll be easy to notice.*1

Dockson: When I heard the finished sound, I really felt what Miki-chan said.

Miki: I think it's easy to notice during [ANSWER], that is more of a gentle song.

Dockson: I also thought that about [MAYDAY]. The original foundation of Miki-chan.

Miki: During POP we were also 5 so, when I hear It back now it's not as strong as when we were 10. With 10 people it was like I had to be found, there were a lot of times I sang strongly so people would know it was me, otherwise no one would notice. With less people, the amount of lines increases so if I sing strongly, it feels like it'll be irritating to hear (laughs).

Dockson: You're doing a self analysis.

Miki: If I'm told to sing strongly I will do it. Because we record the same part about 3 times, I tried to take care and sing slightly differently each time.

Coco: We don't know about the songs from now on but, I feel our cool factor is stronger than P. I think we are the 5 that have the type of voice to match this. Our voice characteristics really work well together. The songs taste and balance felt good when I listened to them.

The easiest goal to understand is to surpass GANPARE.

- The 5 of you have very strong personalities, it's good that you can have the focus on each one.

Coco: For example, when we had to talk for interviews or television, when we were 10, we had to take care to make sure all members would speak equally, so even though Doku is super funny, other girls had to talk too, so no matter what the amount of things Doku would talk were decreased, we couldn't stretch the good things as much as possible. By being separated, we can show more of our abilities. Also, reversely we have to work hard to compensate the things we lack, the merit of splitting, I really feel that now. I think the sense of responsibility will also be born.

- Maika-san has GP on her name but, won't that change?

Can GP Maika

Maika: I was told by Watanabe-san “You'll become Can G” (laughs). I said “It sounds like old man, I don't want it”, so he laughed and said “You can stay as GP”.*2

Dockson: That's cute! Can G Maika.

Maika: Maybe I'll have people call me Canjii (laughs).

- You have “Old” written on your outfits, canjii has quite a punch to it (laghs).

Coco: Like “It's not old woman” (laughs).

Maika: That “jii” looks like “old man”'s jii but, as a foreign celebrity. Like Can G.

Dockson: Like Mackenzie?

Maika: Angelina Jolie is called Angie so it would be Cangie, like that. Because I'm aiming to be a celebrity, I'll go with Cangie. Of course, 2 years ago I was told to bare GANPARE so I want to treasure this GP, with the intention of keeping this in my soul, I will keep my name.

Yua: Anyway, I want to do lives. Depending on doing lives or not, we can show the difference between P and G, and asobinin will be able to see a performance that will show them we'll give our best from now on.

Coco: Right, I want them to feel it during lives.

Dockson: It's irritating that for a while we don't have chances to show this on person.

Yua: I want to convey things that we can trough words and videos but, the atmosphere will change depending on seeing us live, or talking during special events.

- Honestly, as a viewer I'm not sure how should I react to it.

Yua: Because there's nothing to enjoy except watching the MV and listening to the songs.

Coco: It's complicated.

Maika: But, if we think about the current situation positively, it would be nice to rise this premium sensation (laughs).

Yua: Regarding GANPARE I think the premium feeling is increasing. Because the chances of seeing GANPARE are now just during the tour. When Saki-chan announced she would leave, we talked “I want to carry trough with GANPARE lives until the end”, because at a certain degree Saki-chan decided GANPARE would be her last activity place, so there are days I reflect that we shouldn't be too caught into G and P.

Coco: I definitely don't want to act like we're neglecting GANPARE. Like Yua-chan said, depending on the day the amount of time we spend thinking about each is different, it's true G is increasing but, now I feel we must have a good balance.

Yua: Yesterday during the audition announcement, Saki-chan stayed as GANPARE, right? I thought maybe we left Saki-chan alone. We were supposed to pay attention to it, but we had the niconama, and we were focused on tweeting, etc. I don't think Saki-chan really cares about it but, I want to continue until 5/23 without being too caught in this.

Kamiya Saki

Dockson: Even if G and P are completely different from GANPARE, to me GO TO THE BEDS and PARADISES both have GANPARE blood in its veins. Because I think more common parts will happen from now on, I want to live feeling that. Even after the last day of GANPARE oneman live, I want to keep going without forgetting that. I want to carry properly.

- Miki-san I believe has the strongest feeling towards Saki-san but, did you managed to sort out your feelings regarding Saki-san?

Miki: Well, so so…… I really regret that we can't perform lives together at the moment. The chances we have to perform together are slowly decreasing, I really have the feeling this is incredibly sad. But even so, I'm not negating it. I'm starting to finally sort things out inside. Because there is the feeling it's already coming. I don't think mixed up feelings will show but, I think I'll always be sad about it.

- From now on, what kind of group do you want GO TO THE BEDS to be?

Yua: Now I think the easiest goal is to surpass GANPARE. This is about the scale of venues too, in a lot of meanings if we don't surpass GANPARE splitting will be meaningless, so we have to find out our meaning in life as G. Above that, I want to become big enough to be able to see a future ahead as G.

Coco: I also have surpassing GANPARE as a goal so, it's just as Yua-chan said.

Maika: Same as above (laughs).

Miki: I've been active since POP, the time we were at a good moment we would lose our spirit and fall once, and we kept repeating that. We could never overcome the speed. I want to definitely lose that, and value the speed. We carry the “old” so there's no after for us (laughs). I want to move forward carrying the vigor with all my strength.

Dockson: We have this much individuality assembled, I want each one of us to do what we like with all our strength, make it a group that will overcome anything. Also, I strongly feel I want to have more fun than anyone else. I want to surpass GANPARE, I want to surpass everything. Because we're starting from the very beginning there are only thing we can overcome but, growing wings of freedom, I want to do things as I'm being let to do things as I please.

*1: The expression used is "shakuriageru" which roughly means "to sob convulsively", referring to Miki's unique way of singing.

*2: They make a word play with the pronouncing of G (jii) being the same as the word for old man (爺).

Translation by renai

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