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The first year of GO TO THE BEDS

GO TO THE BEDS, referred to as GTTB, is an idol group of WACK under the WARNER sub-label FUELED BY MENTAIKO. In April they celebrated their first year of existence in what seems to be a whole decade. Let’s look back on everything that happened to the girls since then.

GTTB was created from a split of the group GANG PARADE with 5 of its oldest members: Yamamachi Miki, Yumeno Yua, Can GP Maika, Coco Partin Coco and Yui Ga Dockson. Their first official release was the split EP with PARADISES titled G/P.

But right when the groups were starting their activities the pandemic happened. Suddenly the world was a chaos and all the activities a recently debuted group should do were put on hold.

A few media appearances and then after the niconama special of Kamiya Saki’s graduation on May 22nd… complete silence. All members suddenly stopped posting on twitter, the official account went silent as well. Even their profiles were turned into default twitter egg pictures. It wasn't until June 5th, elderly day in Japan, that the members came back to internet life with new profiles and a teaser video of their next album. Their explanation for the disappearance was to reflect on several things and focus on everything they could do without any distractions.

Their first full album GO TO THE BEDS was released on July 22nd with 13 songs and a very clear theme: life and death.

What happened next was their long awaited first stage performance on WACK FUCKiN’ SORRY PARTY,, supposed to happen earlier in the year and rescheduled to august 1st.

It finally felt like the start line but a few days before the live, the official account announced that Coco Partin Coco wouldn't participate due to personal reasons. And so their official first stage performance happened with 4 members. They would only perform with all 5 on their first one man live “ARE YOU SLEEPER?” on September 6th.

On the very same day they released the digital single Genjyou Machigainaku GO TO THE BEDS. The MV, an homage to 3 of WACK’s iconic MVs, caused a lot of reactions. In less than 24h they shot 3 different music videos based on My Ixxx (BiS), Hoshi ga matataku yoru ni (BiSH) and Curtain Call (BiS). For Curtain Call homage instead of performing 101 times they performed 103, the last one being completely unexpected, decided on spot.

A few other “ARE YOU SLEEPER?” lives were announced and everything was running smoothly until everyone got surprised by the announcement that GTTB was going to a desert island for 7 days.

What? Why? How? There were nothing but questions that were soon to be answered as the whole adventure was streamed on niconama.

Turns out that, as the lyrics of Genjyou Machigainaku GO TO THE BEDS implied, things weren't exactly going well for the girls. No specific details were given but we soon learned that they needed a turning point. And what a turning point the desert island would be.

For everyone's relief the desert island wasn't that inhabited as they went with a team of staff and professionals that would supervise everything. Still they had to complete several tasks to get items to help their survival such as a tent, knives and rice. On top of finding food, lighting up the fire, cooking and focusing on surviving, they also had a very specific and crucial task: to build a raft out of bamboo to leave the island.

And so the days went by with the girls doing all daily tasks, trying their best to survive, to the point they burned underwear to make fire. With lots of other emotional moments like singing around the fire, the week went by and we were finally at the climax: the girls in a bamboo raft trying to escape the island in the determined time. Success meant a reward, failure meant nothing but knowing they failed.

For hours they tried their best and when it looked like they wouldn't do it the bell of success rang.

After arriving safely the girls were taken to a hotel where they finally took a bath and had a proper meal. They rested for the rest of the day and back to Tokyo they were for a live, also transmitted via niconama. When it finished the bell of success rang again and even the girls were surprised; this time their reward for escaping the island was the release of an EP!

Their next big event was TIF and then almost one month after the island escape another 24h niconama stream was announced. This time though they would sit comfortably while watching and commenting on their island week.

Some days later on November 2nd they released their second digital single Akachan. The song was announced to be part of the EP and they had their very first series of release events. A few more “ARE YOU SLEEPER?” lives happened, they announced a special collab live at Sanrio Puroland and then around December 14th… an image change? A short clip of the girls in cute color coded outfits was released on twitter along with the announcement of GTTB’s first tie in: the opening and insert songs for the mobile game Majicami! They had the Sanrio Puroland live on December 27th, as well as the RUN TO THE 2021!! live. 2020 was finally ending.

On January 1st the first thing the official account tweeted was the music video for EP main song “majikami”. The MV revealed what everyone was expecting: a dark twist on the cute outfits. GTTB was back to their strong cool side. What followed was a series of live shows during 10 days on Nakano Heavysick, for an audience of 10 for each show. After the first live they announced their ambition goal of performing a total of 200 lives in 2021. For this first series they added a special component: each live would have something different, be it produced by a member or completely in the dark with fans lighting up the stage with flashlights or with the setlist decided on the spot.

The highly anticipated EP REINCARNATION was finally released on January 13th. Their first live house tour, FEAR OF THE DARK tour was announced and took place in early March.

Everything was happening as it should, the group is moving forward, succeeding their own way until the annual stress fest happened.

At the WACK audition camp member Coco Partin Coco went as a mentor, with highs and lows. Losing at daily performances, winning at daily performances, it was certainly a week for everyone. When it finally reached an end and results were announced GTTB got a new member: former WACKchin contestant Moshimoshichan, with debut scheduled to May 2nd.

And we finally get to April again. They started another tour, OVERTAKE TOUR, and kept steadily increasing their live count towards the 200 goal.

Finally, to finish this first year with a blast, GTTB pulled a very elaborated April Fool’s joke. The solo debut of WACK’s first enka singer Fujiwara Coco. Even though everyone knew it was a joke we still got a solid song and some sort of press conference that culminated with the announcement of their second EP BLOOD COMPACT, to be released on July 21st.

That concludes our looking back on a very eventful first year for our girls. With a new lineup and releases coming soon we continue to look forward to what the future will bring to GO TO THE BEDS.

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