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The first year of PARADISES

PARADISES, an idol group of WACK under WARNER’s sub label FUELED BY MENTAIKO. In April they celebrated their first year of existence and we’ll look back into what a busy year it has been for them.

The group was formed after the split of GANG PARADE with 3 of its younger members: Terashima Yuka, Tsukino Usagi and Naruha World. This lineup didn’t last for long as on the same day the group was announced at the end of annual WACK audition camp, it was also announced the promotion of WAgg Kila May.

The very first thing the group had to deal with was the apparently common opinion that they didn't sound like a WACK group. Not only their first songs on the split album G/P, their full album PARADISES released on July 22nd was filled with up tempo songs that were closer to the idea of traditional idol.

One could say the first months for P weren't exactly eventful. They had their first performance on WACK FUCKiN’ SORRY PARTY, their first series one man lives “Hajimemashite, Rakuen desu.” and that was it. Indeed not much seemed to happen with them until the end of the year, when PARADISES suddenly started to experience never ending turbulence.

In the beginning of October the official account announced “PARADISES’s Wonderful Future”, an audition for a new member with all 6 WAgg girls. The whole thing lasted 3 months and had several phases. The first thing were WAgg members taking part in PARADISES’s new group photo as well as new song and music video. PLEASE LISTEN TO MY was released in 6 different versions, one with only PARADISES and 5 with P members + one WAgg, as Nayu decided to quit the audition and enter a hiatus. Special niconama were held to announce next steps and results of each phase. The star system was introduced, 4 star categories would be given to members at the end of each phase and by the end of the audition the members with at least one star in each category would go to the final stage.

The 4 categories were: WACK quality (given by WACK president Watanabe Junnosuke), Star quality (given by public in voting after lives or likes in social media), Performance quality (given by staff regarding singing, dancing and performance) and Lovable quality (given by staff vote to the member they want to work the most with).

WAgg members also joined the official fanclub doing posts regularly alongside instagram and tiktok updates. One early incident that happened was at the very first instalive was that it became clear very quickly that no one really wanted to join PARADISES, it was as if they were participating in the audition for the chance of being promoted rather than actually wanting to join the group. This caused P members to be frustrated but also reflect on what they could do to change that.

Soon after they announced this audition’s very own training camp. The WAgg members were teamed up with one PARADISES member each as their mentor until the end. Tsukino Usagi mentored both Anzupia and Ainastar, the other pairs were Terashima Yuka and Uta Uuta, Naruha World and Sayaito, Kila May and Love.

A lot of fluctuations happened with the stars and in the end of last phase Sayaito, Love and Anzupia were announced as the ones moving to the final stage. For Uta Uuta and Ainastar seemed like the end but they would get another chance if they sold out their versions of physical copies of PLEASE LISTEN TO MY. Uta Uuta managed to get all her version copies sold and moved to the final stage. A very dramatic comeback as Uta was also announced as the winner and new member of PARADISES on the final stage on December 26th.

PARADISES had 5 members for less than one minute as soon it was announced that Tsukino Usagi would be going to WAgg for 6 months. A lot of confusion, a lot of questions and a lot happened very quickly. Tsukino debuted in WAgg in the beginning of 2021 and Uta debuted in P at the end of January. The new lineup released a digital album with re-recordings of all songs and announced a new EP for March 2021.

PARADISES return was released on March 3rd and PARADISES IN WONDERLAND TOUR was announced. By the end of the month Terashima Yuka went to the annual WACK audition camp, her 2nd time as a mentor. Tsukino Usagi, now in WAgg, also went to the audition camp. In the end of a week full of highs and lows it was announced that candidate Cola, also a former WACKchin contestant, would join PARADISES, her debut scheduled for April 29th.

The live with audience was cancelled one day before and it was announced that Cola's debut would be a niconama stream instead.

After one year PARADISES technically had 4 different lineups and is probably facing more changes soon with the awaited return of Tsukino Usagi in the next few months.

Whatever happens to them we’ll keep following their journey to create a joyful heaven for everyone.

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