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UTAUUTA withdrawal from PARADISES

It was announced today at the group's official website that Utauuta is leaving PARADISES as of today. She won't be participating in the Tsukino Usagi return live on 7/17.

Under, the official statement from Utauuta:

"Coconuts, thank you for your continued support.

I'm really sorry about this sudden announcement.

I always felt like the direction other PARADISES's members wanted to go and mine were different, I started to not be able to think about PARADISES as a group in the first place.

If it continued like that, I would only cause trouble for members and people involved so it came to withdrawing as of today.

I'm really sorry.

I won't be participating in the PARADISES PRETTY GUARDIANS TOUR.

For everyone looking forward to it, I'm really sorry I made this decision.

Continuing with activities, I started to gradually lose confidence in myself, I didn't know what was it that I really wanted to do, I couldn't take the proper balance between mental and physical conditions, and so I started to think I wanted to stop activities.

Thank you for supporting me as PARADISES's Utauuta for half a year.

I'll talk with Watanabe-san to decide about what will happen from now on, I'm really sorry I was selfish until the end, I'd be happy if you waited for me. I'm really sorry.

Please continue to support PARADISES from now on too.


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